YORB (standing for Your Orb) was an interactive television show produced for Manhattan Public Access channel 34 by the Interactive Telecommunications Program of NYU from 1992 to 1995. It was completely bonkers.

Begun from experiments made by Dan O’Sullivan, and then run by Nick West, the show featured a 3D world (designed by artist Bigtiwn) for viewers at home - up to 4 at a time - to call into and navigate using their touch-tone phones.

YORB 2020 began in early 2020 as a media archaelogy project to unearth video tapes and oral histories of the show and organize them into an archive. It has since expanded to include a reconceptualization of the original intent of the 90s TV show: an online 3D environment for multiple users to explore and build community within. It became... YORB 2.0